Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae

Current Roles

Quantitative Research Methods in Education PhD Student

Statistical Analyst & Data Science Consultant

Student Representative on University of Oregon College of Education’s Data Science Tenure Track Faculty Hire

Statistical Software & Package Development

Developer & Maintainer

{gardenr}: An R Package for Working with Model-Based Recursive Partitioning. k-fold cross-validation of the multilevel extension of model-based recursive partitioning (i.e., general linear mixed-effects regression trees)


These three packages were developed by Daniel Anderson, PhD; I documented and extended their functionality, and I currently maintain these. Their function is for internal use at BRT. They pull from the Oregon Extended Assessment’s database ({orextdb}), then process the data to be analyzed ({dbprocess}), before analyzing the data with Item Response Theory Models ({exirt}).


Doctoral Student: Quantitative Research Methods in Education Department of Education Methodology, Policy, & Leadership College of Education University of Oregon

Master of Science: Prevention Science Department of Counseling Psychology & Human Services College of Education University of Oregon

Bachelor of Arts: Neuroscience Hamilton College



First Authorship:

Loan, C. M., Khurana, A., Wright, J., & Romer, D. (2021). Selection versus socialization effects of peer norms on adolescent cigarette use. Tobacco use insights, 14

Loan, C. M., Rowley, B., Tindal, S., & Tindal, G. (2022). Oregon Extended Assessment Technical Documentation. Behavioral Research and Teaching

Other Authorship (Chronologically):

Khurana A., Loan C. M., & Romer D. (2022). Predicting cigarette use initiation and dependence in adolescence using an affect-driven exploration model. Frontiers in Psychology 13:887021. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2022.887021

Kjellstrand, J. M., Clark, M. G., Mannan, I. A., & Loan, C. M. (2022). Social Support During Incarceration: Predictors of External Social Support for Incarcerated Individuals. American Journal of Criminal Justice, 1-21.

Van Ryzin, M. J., Roseth, C. J., Low, S., & Loan, C. M. (2022). Reciprocated Friendship as a Mediator of the Effects of Cooperative Learning on Peer Victimization in Middle School. Journal of School Violence, 1-12.

Clark M., Loan, C. M., Kjellstrand J. (2022) Predictors of Parent-Child Contact During a Parent’s Incarceration. Corrections.

Parr, N. J., Loan, C. M., & Tanner-Smith, E. E. (2021). Using Machine Learning to Identify and Investigate Moderators of Alcohol Use Intervention Effects in Meta-Analyses. Alcohol and Alcoholism.

Tanner-Smith, E. E., Nichols, L. M., Loan, C. M., Finch, A. J., & Moberg, D. P. (2020). Recovery High School Attendance Effects on Student Delinquency and Substance Use: the Moderating Role of Social Problem Solving Styles. Prevention Science, 21(8), 1104-1113.

Unpublished Documents / Works in Progress:

Loan, C. M., Zvoch, K., & Guha, A. (IN PREP). Using Machine Learning to Identify Inequity in Exclusionary Punishments: An Exploratory Analysis of Historical Data from Schools in Georgia.

Loan, C.M., Tanner-Smith, E. E., & Anderson, D. J. (IN PREP). Exploratory Identification of Meta-Analytic Moderators of Alcohol Use Intervention Effects with General Linear Mixed-Effects Model Regression Trees.

Loan, C. M., Clark, B. M., Delgado-Riley, R. (2022). Latent Transition Analysis of Multidimensional Well-Being Measures of Undergraduates: Assessing a Quasi Experimental Design. Office of Assessment and Research, Division of Student Life, University of Oregon.

Loan, C. M., & Clark, B. A. M. (2020). Wellbeing of International Undergraduates during Initial Months of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Office of Assessment and Research, Division of Student Life, University of Oregon.

Loan, C. M. (2019). Evaluation of 3rd Millennium as a Universal Alcohol and Cannabis Prevention Program at the University of Oregon. Office of Dean of Students, University of Oregon.

Loan, C. M. (2019). MS Thesis: A Developmental, Behavioral Economics Explanation of Adolescence Cigarette Use & Tobacco Use Disorder Symptom.

Selected Poster Presentations:

Zvoch, K., Loan, C. M., & Scalise, K. (2022, September). Predicting 9th Grade On-Track to Graduation Status with 8th Grade School- and Student-Level, using Mixed Effects Random Forests. Presented at the Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness (SREE) 2022 Conference: From Reckoning to Racial Justice: Centering Underserved Communities in Research on Educational Effectiveness, Washington D.C.

Zvoch, K., Scalise, K., Loan, C. M., & Farley, D. (2021, September). Student success teams and Oregon’s 9th grade transition: An in the pipeline investigation of the 9th grade on-track to graduation rate. Poster accepted for presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Research in Educational Effectiveness, Washington, DC.

Loan, C. M., Graham, M.C., Zorilla, E. M., Villanueva, I., Husman, J., & Zvoch, K. (2021, August 12-14). Application of generalized mixed-effect regression trees with multi-modal data [Poster]. APA2021, Remote.

Marchetti, M., Loan, C. M., Cronce, J. M. (November 2019). An Investigation of Cannabis–related Consequences and Their Predictors Among College Students. Association of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy (Addictive Behavior Sig), Atlanta, GA.

Loan, C. M. & Khurana, A. (2019). Role of Subjective Affect and Risk Perceptions in Predicting Initiation of Adolescent Substance Use. University of Oregon 2019 Graduate Research Forum, Eugene, OR.

Non-Academic Publications

Loan, C. & Williamson, A. (2019, August 25). Do Ratings Take a Dive in Estonia? Retrieved

Work Experience

Data Science Mentor at RStudio

Assessment & Research

Teaching & Course Development